Ever since Cymamu established, we engage in R&D, production and marketing of automotive wiring harness and various connectors. 

We have set up a professional team including technical department, precision mold department, injection & stamping workshop and assembly workshops, as well as full equipped testing laboratories and modern production facilities.

Our goal is growing to be a reliable manufacturer of automotive wiring harnesses and connectors for global customers in the future.

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  • 2022 Keep growing and flourish, more investment in R&D
  • 2021 Tier 2 Supplier of China Auto brand
  • 2021 Dept of precision Mould built up
  • 2021 New factory relocated
  • 2020 Set up reliable business relationship with Auto spare parts Manufacturers in US and Oversea markets
  • 2019 Attending Auto spare parts fairs at home and abroad
  • 2019 Supplier of Nexans
  • 2019 Tier 2 Supplier of Schindler
  • 2019 New automation equipment from THBHC arrival, production capacity getting stronger
  • 2019 Supplier of Vodafone Auto Dept, supplier code:009814
  • 2018 Certified by IATF16949
  • 2018 CYMANU successfully registered as a international brand.
  • 2018 U8 PLUS ERP begun to run, making Cymanu management system more standard and scientization
  • 2017 Certified by UL,ISO9001/14001/45001
  • 2017 LAB for wiring harness and connectors built up
  • 2016 CYMANU established
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Quality View

With the principle of  customer-concentric, the whole CYMANU team strictly implements IATF16949 and ISO9001 management system. We have made it clear that our goal is to continuous improve our quality and deliver zero defect products to our customer.


Worth View

Sustain commitment, Cherish glory.

Compliance and discipline, Fair competition.

Striving for excellence, Continuous innovation.

Customer satisfaction, Common development.


Green Concept

Prevent environment pollution, Compliance with laws and regulations.

Provide green products, Continuous improvement to system.

Raise energy utilization efficiency, Create a green enterprise.


Talent View

Encourage talent to forward, Achieve talent's value.


TTeamwork Concept

Unity and friendship, thrift and self-improvement, strive for the first, tolerance and upward.

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  • Production equipment
    Production equipment
  • Production equipment
    Production equipment
  • Production equipment
    Production equipment
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Quality Assurance

Quality System

High-quality products and services are the foundation of the survival and development of all enterprises.

In order to improve production efficiency, enhance market competitiveness, and establish a quality-oriented awareness of all employees, Changyu Electronics combines its own actual and customer requirements and establishes a The whole process quality management system including customer needs, design and R&D, production and assembly, inspection and testing to sales and service has established an objective, dynamic and quantitative quality evaluation system. All processes are distributed to relevant departments such as human resources, design, inspection, procurement, finance, production, and equipment maintenance in the form of management and control documents, and are supervised by a dedicated person.


Continuous improvement

Based on system standards, the company adheres to lean management in the production process, continuously improves the quality management process, and regularly holds quality meetings to summarize the experience and lessons of project progress.

Require employees to strengthen self-discipline, proactively discover and solve problems, and create value for the company, customers and employees.

In the after-sales service process, timely analyze and process customer feedback, and summarize and organize them to provide market orientation for the continuous improvement of products and production processes.



Each of our departments coordinate and cooperate in the production process and work together to form a set of proven and effective product traceability procedures, responsible for each product delivered to the customer.

After the raw materials have been inspected and entered the warehouse, immediately fill in the "Incoming Material Inspection Report" and store them by area according to the warehouse's first-in first-out management method.

Completely fill in the product process flow card for each process in the production process to ensure that the responsibility for product quality is assigned to the individual.


Staff training and improvement

In the Changyu Electronics team, we provide each employee with training opportunities to improve their own abilities, give employees more sense of participation, make everyone clear about their work goals, clarify work methods, and reduce ineffective labor. Improve product quality.

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