Auto industry

Along with the boost of IoT and mobile Internet, Auto industry has been stepping forward to the new age of intelligent, network and electric.

Conforming to the trend, we are proud to say that China Auto industry is now leading the way in global market of electric vehicle.

Meanwhile, as the nerves and blood vessels of vehicles, the function of auto wiring harness have turn from simply controlling sweep and stop to transmit power and signal, etc.

Keeping the pace of the times, Cymanu, as a professional manufacturer in the field, is committed to providing reliable products for every customer under market demands.

Engineering machinery

Engineering machinery is an important part of equipment industry, which play an important  role in national defense, transportation, energy,mineral,agriculture, forestry and water conservancy, industrial and civil building, urban construction, environmental protection and many other fields.

Thanks to the improvement of the technology in battery,electric motor and  electric control ,the costs for electrical engineering machinery have been getting lower and lower these years, making the electrical engineering machinery more and more popular in the market.

At the same time, the demands for the wiring harness and connector is greatly increased, because of the function upgrade in electrification,intelligence and  getting versatile on the new equipment.

Elevator industry

As a special equipment, elevator brings great benefits both for industry production and people’s daily life. It help us greatly extend the living space and improve the life standard.

In this business line,China has become the world's biggest powerhouse with a relatively completed independent industrial chain. In the last few years, China elevator suppliers have made solid process to steady increase the volume of production , population and oversea market share.

Cymanu has wide experience in R&D and producing elevator wiring harness for hoist machine power box, machine room power box, well lighting, safety loop intercom system in door operator, press-to-talk system, weighing device, transformer for controller in machine room, emergency power system, operation panel in car, intercom device, natural ventilation and so on.


Shipbuilding is a comprehensive equipment manufacturing industry with complicated system.Because a good ship is not just a platform to provide different kinds of functions, but also a home for the crew on the board.

Therefore, besides the final assembly, there also need a strong support system that involves power mechanical system,electrical system,communication system and other professional equipment.

All these facilities need wiring harness and connectors with sound and reliable quality to achieve their functions.

We feel every confidence that your demands for vessel wiring harness and connectors could be met here in Cymanu.

New energy

China has promised that her carbon dioxide emissions should peak before 2030 and strive to achieve carbon neutrality before 2060.So,Wind power, photovoltaic and other renewable energy sources will play an important role of achieving this ambitious vision.

In the process of power generation, transmission and distribution, with the number s of on-site equipment getting more and more, the demand for quality will be also getting higher and higher in order to improve the operation capacity.

Under such a tough working environment,Cymanu could provide a reliable and safe connection in the entire working life cycle of the power equipment.

Security communication

For facilities such as monitor, automatic door, security checking and lightning protection equipment In the Security & communication industry, with the number of on-site equipment increasing, the quality demands for equipment also increase to a much more higher standard which means the products need to show reliable and sound quality in the whole working life cycle.

Cymanu could provide professional, high quality Cost-effective and customized products, to meet the application requirements of customers in various scenes.

Smart home

Smart home is an efficient family affairs management system. In this system,  our house transfer to a comprehensive platform, with integrated wiring technology, network communication, security technology, automatic control technology, Audio and video technology to deliver us a more security, convenience, comfortable and energy saving home.

Along with the upgrading of Integration technology, communication technology, interoperability and the implementation of wiring standards, smart home continues to move forward. Now, It refers to control for all the smart furniture,network equipment and system management, as well as integration technology application, which lead to a much more complicated requirement for layout design, R&D capability and quality control of wiring harness.

Cymanu is committed to provide our customers with high quality and reliable wiring harness and connector products with our best practice  and innovative attitude.

Rail traffic

With The booming development of train and railway technology, we could see much more types of train running on the track than before, not only in the long distance land-way transportation, also widely used in short distance of city public transportation.

As the large city groups spring up in China, the demand of personnel and material circulation is increasing fast, however, congestion cost caused by cars、limited capacity and high cost of long distance air transportation,  are unable to break though the bottleneck until now in China.

In this case, we could see a lot of opportunities in Long-distance high-speed railway and urban rail transit in next decades.

Because of its industrial characteristics, the quality standard of railway technology is much more higher for connection.

Cymanu has a professional, efficient technical team, to provide customers from design, manufacturing, technical support and other services.


Automation technology is widely used in all aspects of industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, transportation, commerce, medical care, services and households. The application of automation technology in industrial production liberates people from heavy physical labor, part of mental labor, and harsh and dangerous working environments, and greatly improves labor productivity.

Changyu Electronics provides high-quality and reliable products and technical support for wiring harnesses, connectors, and shell structural parts in automation systems, helping equipment manufacturers and providing product customization services.