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Covid-19 still linger about in 2021,Cymanu actively respond

Date: 2021-12-30 Source: CYMANU Views: 3462

In 2021,  the whole world is still in the lingering shadow of covid-19, making most enterprises facing unexpected challenging again and again.  Unfortunately,the epidemics outbreak in Zhenhai, Shaoxing and Hangzhou have also deeply affected our production plan from Nov.

To go though the tough situation, We actively responded from below three aspects: improving management capabilities, doing a good job in product quality, and strengthening communication with customers and suppliers.

1. Improve management capabilities

During this difficult time, all the staffs of Cymanu worked together as one person. We strengthen communication, take more attention to lean production, and try our best to reduce the loss of costs . In this was, we get more powerful competitiveness in the fierce market.

2, Do a good job in product quality

While taking strict measures to push covid-19 away , we unremittingly adhere to the implementation of IATF1694, IS09001/14001/45001 and other quality management systems, and take responsibility for the stability and reliability of each product.

3. Strengthen communication and taking joint effort

No eggs can remain unbroken when the nest is upset. In the current market environment, every enterprise has a problem to deal with, and it should be a better choice to work together and report to the group for heating than to go alone.

Cymanu proactively contacts their respective needs and difficulties with customers and suppliers, and finds the best solution in the discussion for win-win.

Looking forward to the bright future, we believe that under the wise leadership of the Party and the government, our company will continue to grow up and make our own contribution to China's national industry.